Celebrity sex robots could thrust human intercourse aside, experts predict
“It could be that we are so busy with our lives, we are so embedded in our technological narrative that the idea of engaging in long-distance sex and robot sex is actually a natural process in our evolutionary cycle,” Dr. Trudy Barber from Portsmouth
Sex robots could reveal your secret perversions: Handing over intimate data is a privacy risk, warns expertDaily Mail

Sex will be just for special occasions in the future as robots will satisfy everyday needsTelegraph.co.uk
Pimps and madams to buy up sex robots in bid to offer clients 'love free' thrillsThe Sun
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London Escorts Christmas Hamper

Every year I like to put together a Christmas hamper for my girlfriends here at https://www.londonxcity.com/escorts London escorts. It is a very special time of the year, and most of the girls at the escort agency do get a few days off around Christmas time. Sure, we have some very lonely gents that we need to look after here at London escorts but we do get time away from the agency as well. That is really nice but as it is kind of limited, I like to make the most of it.

The idea came to me a few years ago when I was working for another London escort service. We were always really busy just before Christmas and after Christmas we all collapsed. In many ways I think it was because we did not really get a chance to pamper ourselves during our few days off. One of the girls complained that she never got a chance to shop, and ended up eating chicken soup in front of the TV on Christmas Day.

That was when I came up with my idea for my https://londonxcity.com/escorts London escorts Christmas Hamper. I realized that a lot of the girls that I worked with at the agency were going to end up spending Christmas on their own, so I wanted to make the Christmas Hamper both useful and fun. For instance, if you are spending Christmas on your own, you may want to have some fun on your own. Why not add the latest in sex toy technology to the Christmas hamper?

Of course you would like to add some Christmas cheer as well. Most of the girls that I have ever worked with at various London escorts services in London are partial to a drink or two. So am I and I do like my fizzy stuff around this time of the year. Not all girls like Champagne so it is nice to add a nice bottle of sweet Cava. There are a couple of good brands out there, but if you fancy a really nice sweet Spanish Cava, you should check out Bach. It sounds German but it does come from Spain.

None of the London escorts that I have ever worked with have been really into cooking. To be honest, I am not that into cooking neither. What I do now is to check out all of the best stores in London. Most of them have delicious chocolates which are great to nibble on. They also have the most amazing delicatessen counters, and finding the right is never difficult. I go for super indulgent stuff such as salmon mousses and perfectly cooked chicken. They are the sort of things that most of the girls here at the escort agency really like. Do I make up a hamper for myself? You bet I do and I really spoil myself around Christmas time. But then again, I think that I am worth it as I work pretty hard coming up to Christmas. So do most other the other girls so you will excuse when we have a few days in bed over Christmas.…

Washington Post
Uber reminds its passengers: Don't have sex in the car
Washington Post
The company's “no-sex rule” was one of many examples of poor behavior that could cause riders to lose access to Uber. The app-based car service instructed passengers not to touch or “flirt” with other people in the car — but neglected to expand on
Uber would like some of its users to please stop having sex in its carsChron.com

No Sex or Flirting With Your Fellow UberPOOL Passengers: Rider GuidelinesDNAinfo
Uber bans flirting, sex in new set of rules for passengersNew York Daily News

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New York Times
The Opinion Pages|There Is No Such Thing as 'Nonconsensual Sex.' It's Violence.
New York Times
At the root of the problem on campuses is a change in the way the word “sex” is used. While sex is considered an activity, until recently, it commonly referred to an activity shared between people, as in the familiar phrase, “having sex.” Implicit in

Rurik Jutting: From quiet Surrey schoolboy to sadistic sex monster of Hong Kong
But his years at Winchester were not happy. He claims to have been abused at the historic school, where he was forced to perform oral sex on a boy. This act of humiliation was outlined by Jutting's defence as they explored possible causes of his
British banker convicted in cocaine, murder, torture, sex worker case in Hong KongCBS News

Families of Rurik Jutting's murdered sex workers to SUE for 'blood money'Daily Mail

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Vanity Fair
What Jane the Virgin Gets Right About Sex That Game of Thrones Doesn't
Vanity Fair
It's been a long, long, long journey for Jane the Virgin fans, but Jane finally did it. After years of waiting, Jane is a virgin no longer—and what's surprising isn't that she and Michael have finally had sex, but instead how the consistently boundary
Jane finally had sex on 'Jane the Virgin,' but the (official) show title won't changeWashington Post

'Jane the Virgin' finally had sex and it was a perfect messFusion
'Jane the Virgin': Why Jane Will (Finally) Have Sex in Season 3Hollywood Reporter
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The UK Is Set to Pardon Men Convicted for Consensual Same-Sex Acts
The U.K. is set to pardon thousands of men convicted in the past for engaging in consensual same-sex acts, in a move that will see the name of many who were convicted for conduct no longer deemed criminal posthumously cleared. The BBC reports that the …
Gay men convicted of now-abolished sex offences to be pardonedBBC News

'Alan Turing law' brings posthumous pardons for thousands of convicted gay menTelegraph.co.uk

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