May 2016

New Sexy Me

When I joined West Kensington escorts, I decided to change my look slightly. My blonde hair has always been really long but somehow I felt that joining West Kensington escorts meant a much more sexy look with a touch of sophistication. So before I left London, I decided to cut my hair and change my look. That meant going to both a hairdresser and a beautician and spend some money on my new sexy look.

The first thing I did was to have my hair cut into a nice boob shape. I noticed that many of the girls at West Kensington escorts did not have really long hair and I thought it would suit me as well. In many ways, it woke my face up and when I look at myself in the mirror now, I think that I look a lot younger and prettier. In many ways I think that I look sexier as well. It is a layered boob so I can still put my hair up and that looks really great.

When I worked in London, I used to wear a lot of make up, but I wanted to change that when I joined West Kensington escorts. The girls here in West Kensington has sort of a softer look and I thought that I looked really way too made up when I compared my look to them. It is not easy to change your make up, so I went to a beautician who also specializes in make up. She created a new softer look for me and I now look a lot softer if you like.

My dress code had to change as well. The girls at West Kensington escorts seem to go out with their dates a lot and that meant by another wardrobe. Yes, we do dinner date in London but not to the extent that West Kensington girls do. I managed to find some really decent dresses at next and now I think that I look a lot more feminine on my dates. When I dated in London, I felt that many of my dates wanted me to look tarty but that is not want the gents are into here.

So, how am I settling into West Kensington escorts? I think that it is going okay so far. Building up your dating diary always takes time but I am happy to accept that. So far I have met a lot of nice gents and many of them have come to see me again. I cannot say that working here is as busy as working in London, but in many ways I do think that I have a lot better lifestyle here. Do I enjoy dating here in West Kensington? Yes, I certainly do and I don’t think that I would move back to London for all of tea in China. It is slightly different lifestyle here in West Kensington but I am more than happy to accept that. My dating style has changed and that has been a very refreshing experience.…

New York Times
Italy Approves Same-Sex Civil Unions
New York Times
Italy's Parliament approved a bill on Wednesday to legally recognize civil unions for same-sex couples, though some activists say the bill fell short of granting full equality. By PARLIAMENT TV VIA ASSOCIATED PRESS on Publish Date May 11, 2016.
Italian MPs support introduction of same-sex civil unionsThe Guardian

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