November 2016

New York Times
The Opinion Pages|There Is No Such Thing as 'Nonconsensual Sex.' It's Violence.
New York Times
At the root of the problem on campuses is a change in the way the word “sex” is used. While sex is considered an activity, until recently, it commonly referred to an activity shared between people, as in the familiar phrase, “having sex.” Implicit in
Rurik Jutting: From quiet Surrey schoolboy to sadistic sex monster of Hong Kong
But his years at Winchester were not happy. He claims to have been abused at the historic school, where he was forced to perform oral sex on a boy. This act of humiliation was outlined by Jutting's defence as they explored possible causes of his
British banker convicted in cocaine, murder, torture, sex worker case in Hong KongCBS News

Families of Rurik Jutting's murdered sex workers to SUE for 'blood money'Daily Mail

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Vanity Fair
What Jane the Virgin Gets Right About Sex That Game of Thrones Doesn't
Vanity Fair
It's been a long, long, long journey for Jane the Virgin fans, but Jane finally did it. After years of waiting, Jane is a virgin no longer—and what's surprising isn't that she and Michael have finally had sex, but instead how the consistently boundary
Jane finally had sex on 'Jane the Virgin,' but the (official) show title won't changeWashington Post

'Jane the Virgin' finally had sex and it was a perfect messFusion
'Jane the Virgin': Why Jane Will (Finally) Have Sex in Season 3Hollywood Reporter
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