December 2020

It may sound funny, but I think that shopping comes natural for most women. We all do it and we all seem to love to do it. Since I moved to London, I have noticed that shopping has become a natural past time for me. Most of my British friends seem to be obsessed with shopping and I can understand that. After all, it is very tempting to shop here in London.

Not everything about shopping is negative, and I think that there are some things that all girls should have in their wardrobe. Since I joined Cheap London escorts from, I have a little bit more money t. spend on clothes, so I tend to buy nicer things. One of the things that I think that all girls should have in their wardrobe is a pair of nice boots. The great thing about boots is that they can be used to dress up an outfit or dress it down. I love boots and I confess to having five pairs.

The other thing that girls should have in their wardrobe is a nice cocktail dress. If you invest in a really expensive dress made with good quality materials, you will find that it will last for a long time. A few years ago, I bought a dress from Chanel and I still have it. It still looks perfect, and I wear it for special dates at Cheap London escorts. It is the ultimate fashion accessory and it is easy to dress it up or dress it down. I love this dress and I think that I will keep forever. One day, I will have my own piece of vintage clothing in my wardrobe.

A nice jacket is a good idea as well. Once again, I have really splashed out and I bought myself a jacket from Chanel. It is one of those classical Chanel jackets that will keep looking good for ages. Yes, the jacket did cost me a small fortune, but to be honest, it is was worth it. I love the way it makes me feel, and like I keep saying to my friends at London escorts, when I wear it, I do notice that people treat me differently. It shouts quality.

Like so many of the other girls at London escorts. My wardrobe is full of handbags and shoes. I don’t know how many pairs of shoes that I have , but my wardrobe is packed with them. Some of them are stilettos that I only wear when I work at the agency. I have also taken to court shoes. They look great, and you can wear them with almost anything, Shopping in London is not cheap, but if you look out for bargains, you can find some really good investment pieces of clothing. Some of the bags have been gifts, and one day, I may even sell my bag collection. Nice to look at, but does not really mean that much to me. The truth is that you can have too much stuff, and no girl can make use of 25 bags! I will look after them, and then I will let them go.


Dirty language, or sexy language, seems to be slipping into our everyday language, and it is not on. I am rather tired of that, says Bettina from London escorts of The other week I was on holiday on the Costa del Sol, and walking along the promenade, I picked out lots of sexual language being used by young and old. I am not sure they are aware of what they are doing there, but it is indeed there all the same.


It is not only that, but I did notice a lot of sexy advertising as well. Two of the girls I work with at London escorts say that they have seen the same thing and that advertising seems to be getting sexier and sexier. You are not even allowed to advertise a London escorts agency how they advertise some of these perfume brands, and I don’t think that is right. It is too full-on and in your face, and I know that many of my girlfriends at London escorts agree with me on this topic. We are just oversexed!


Porn also dominates the Internet, and lots of kids are exposed to it. Some of my friends at London Escorts are parents, and they are always concerned about their kids. They have to set all of the controls on mobile devices to the highest level, but sometimes things still slip through. My boss at the London escorts agency that I work for told me that a porn movie site had fallen through on his daughter’s iPad the other day. That must have been a shock, and the little girl is only 11 years old. What is that all about?


I am concerned about society as a whole, and I think that this porn or sex focus is not doing anything for our sex lives. Lots of my dates at London escorts expect their sex lives to be extraordinary all of the time, but of course, they are not. It is why so many gents end up seeing London escorts; they want everything to be about sex. I often tell them that sometimes life gets in the way, and you have to deal with other things. I cannot only focus my energy on sex.


Yes, I enjoy sex, and I like my work at London escorts, but it cannot always be my firs go thing in the morning. Sometimes, I have to consider other things as well. We need to do so many things that there is no way w e can focus on sex all of the time. I would love to have a better sex life with my boyfriend, and we do have good times, but we need to change our priorities. He works hard, and London escorts do keep me busy. I can’t be everything to everybody, that is just life!…

How do you get ready for better sex? Many gents who visit us here at Gatwick escort think that watching porn movies will turn them into a better lover. That is probably not true, and it could be a good idea to think twice about that. If you want to become a better lover, there are lots of self-help guides that you can read. Also, there are now classes that you can take. The types are not available here in the UK, but they are available in Austria. A couple of the girls here at Gatwick escorts from have been thinking about doing them.

During my time here at Gatwick escorts, I have learned that one of the best ways to get better at sex is to talk to your partner. Ask him or her if there is something special that they would like to do or to experience. For instance, lots of Gatwick escorts know that people are secretly into role play. That means that fantasies are essential when it comes to sex, and I am sure that most of us will have enjoyed dreaming about sex. However, most of us do not play or act our sexual fantasies out. The thing is, lots of couples that play together seem to stay together as well.

Another thing that can improve things for you in the bedroom is to learn about sensual massages. Quite a few of the gents who visit Gatwick escorts seem to be interested in sensual massages. The thing is, I think that gents could spend some time learning sensual massages as well. After all, it is nice to be touched, and male Gatwick escorts say that ladies appreciate sensual massages more than anything. It is nice when a guy considers a lady in the bedroom and thinks about himself.

Most of the gents that I date here at Gatwick escort tend to be a bit selfish, and I am not sure that it works all of the time. The gents who visit us complain about lousy sex lives, and I wonder if it has something to do with the fact, they don’t consider their partners. I think that most gents could benefit from learning about what makes ladies tick. We try to promote here at Gatwick escorts, and I am sure that most ladies would find this interesting if they found out about it.

When I leave Gatwick escort, I might write a guide about lovemaking. It is a vast topic, and there are many things that we can learn from it. Not only is it about better sex, but it is also about being more considerate towards others and how to get the most out of your relationship. Learning that good sex starts before you hit the bedroom is vital, and this is all too easy to forget about. I would say that this is probably the essential part of a sexy and fulfilling sex life for most people.…