1. Man accused of sex with teen on private plane sentenced to 7 years  WBRZ
  2. New Jersey millionaire gets 7 years behind bars over sex with teen girl  Fox News
  3. N.J. millionaire CEO who put his plane on autopilot to have sex with teen girl sentenced to 7 years
  4. New Jersey Millionaire CEO Sentenced to Prison After Putting Plane on Autopilot to Have Sex with Teenage Girl  The Daily Beast
  5. Former CEO gets 7-year sentence for sex with 15-year-old on private plane  ABC News
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In China, Public Talk of Sex Is Rare. Could a ‘Pleasure Community’ Change That?  The New York Times

BEIJING — In a room with soft lighting, decorated with fuzzy blankets and turquoise balloons, a group of 30 or so strangers gathered on a recent afternoon in Beijing to discuss a subject that is largely taboo in China: how to satisfy a woman sexually. Such a workshop would hardly be out of place in New York or San Francisco. But in China, public discussion of sex is mostly nonexistent. Sex education is typically glossed over in Chinese classrooms and usually limited to one or two “physical hygiene in puberty” lessons in biology class. Parents often avoid discussing the subject with their ch……

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