I am so tired of hearing that Mayfair girls are the best escorts in London

The truth is that London is full of high-quality escorts services, and I am sure that we would be better of letting men find a service that they like instead. Most of the gents that I date here at Paddington escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/paddington-escorts say that we are just as good as the so-called posh girls in Mayfair. What is in a postcode? Working in London today as an escort, it seems that your postcode judges you, and that isn’t right.

Before I worked for Paddington escorts, I used to work in north London. If you like, that is where I learned my trade, and I could move on to Paddington. Many of the gents who dated in north London when I worked there said that all of the north London girls were just as hot as Mayfair girls. Many of them had switched from dating in central London to north London, and they all thought they had much more fun dating escorts in north London instead.

The same thing goes for the girls who work as airport escorts around places Gatwick and Heathrow. A few weeks ago, a girl who had been working at Heathrow joined Paddington escorts. What she does is not different from the rest of us, and she is stunning. She could quickly become a Mayfair girl but says she does not want to. Many girls in Mayfair struggle a bit and don’t make as much money as us girls here in Paddington. I think that is probably true as Mayfair and Kensington are such expensive places to work.

Then we have girls from Croydon and other places on the perimeter of London. Kazia is a new girl here at Paddington escorts. She is a lovely Indian girl and very sensual. She is hot, and men love dating her because she is so exotic. I have to say that she could easily make a VIP or elite girl in Mayfair. Once again, she has seen the light and knows that the girls in Mayfair may not be as well off as they think they are and often brag. I would love to know what these girls earn.

Most London escorts are excellent, and all of the girls who work for Paddington escorts could easily make it as VIP girls in places like Mayfair. Some of the girls that I have spoken to in Mayfair did not start as VIP girls. Most of them came from very humble beginnings and worked for other agencies around London. The truth is that you do not become a VIP escorts straight away, It takes practice, and you have to do an awful lot of dating before you make it. However, I think that other escorts are just as good as VIP girls.

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