More fun in bed

Quite a few of the gents that I meet at London escorts complain that their ex wives did not want to try new things in the bedroom. The thing is, I know through my experience at London escorts that a lot of men are not good at introducing new things into marital sex, and they all seem to go about it the wrong way. A lot women feel that it is being forced onto them, and that is when they say no. Us girls need a bit of romance and a bit of loving care before we try something new.

Most chaps that I meet at London escorts seem to think it is okay to just say “let’s do this”. This does not work at all and actually puts a lot of women off. The best way to introduce something new is when your partner is super excited and then she might enjoy it. If she likes it, she will remember how excited she was and ask you to pleasure her again. I don’t know if my dates at London escorts listen to me or not but I would hope so. Retraining a man is not always easy and you have to be patient.

I enjoy talking to my date about sex at London escort agency. Do they listen and take it in? I have asked on a few occasions and they at least seem to remember what I have said to them. If part of the message gets through it is great, but on the hand London escorts are not sex therapists so the message may not get through or even be believed. It is hard and I do feel that I have to strike a blow for all girls out there. We are just like men and we like to enjoy our sex lives.

As a matter of fact, I think that a lot of gents forget that women like to enjoy their sex lives as well. This is certainly true for the majority of the gents that I meet at London escorts. Most of them don’t think about the woman in the relationship, they think about themselves all of the time. It does nor really work, and I know that quite a few London escorts have the same problem in their personal lives, but what can you do. Perhaps the answer is to carry on nagging.

Most women nag and I think that men really do need to listen to our nagging. More often than not, nagging has a secondary message and it means that we are not happy about something. When a woman just tells you straight, it means that she is often angry and you don’t want that. I know that most of the guys at London escorts are not very good at relationships and this is why they are divorced and seeing London escorts. Overall, I think that men still have a lot of things to learn about women, and it might take them some time to get there even in this day and age.

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