New Sexy Me

When I joined West Kensington escorts, I decided to change my look slightly. My blonde hair has always been really long but somehow I felt that joining West Kensington escorts meant a much more sexy look with a touch of sophistication. So before I left London, I decided to cut my hair and change my look. That meant going to both a hairdresser and a beautician and spend some money on my new sexy look.

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The first thing I did was to have my hair cut into a nice boob shape. I noticed that many of the girls at West Kensington escorts did not have really long hair and I thought it would suit me as well. In many ways, it woke my face up and when I look at myself in the mirror now, I think that I look a lot younger and prettier. In many ways I think that I look sexier as well. It is a layered boob so I can still put my hair up and that looks really great.

When I worked in London, I used to wear a lot of make up, but I wanted to change that when I joined West Kensington escorts. The girls here in West Kensington has sort of a softer look and I thought that I looked really way too made up when I compared my look to them. It is not easy to change your make up, so I went to a beautician who also specializes in make up. She created a new softer look for me and I now look a lot softer if you like.

My dress code had to change as well. The girls at West Kensington escorts seem to go out with their dates a lot and that meant by another wardrobe. Yes, we do dinner date in London but not to the extent that West Kensington girls do. I managed to find some really decent dresses at next and now I think that I look a lot more feminine on my dates. When I dated in London, I felt that many of my dates wanted me to look tarty but that is not want the gents are into here.

So, how am I settling into West Kensington escorts? I think that it is going okay so far. Building up your dating diary always takes time but I am happy to accept that. So far I have met a lot of nice gents and many of them have come to see me again. I cannot say that working here is as busy as working in London, but in many ways I do think that I have a lot better lifestyle here. Do I enjoy dating here in West Kensington? Yes, I certainly do and I don’t think that I would move back to London for all of tea in China. It is slightly different lifestyle here in West Kensington but I am more than happy to accept that. My dating style has changed and that has been a very refreshing experience.

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